Showfection™ can save you the headache of planning your next show!

When kids are in multiple acts it can be a real struggle to ensure enough time between performances for costume changes, hair and makeup. Constantly checking rosters, double backing on work, so many mistakes can be made. Being on the stage can be a whirlwind of fun and adrenaline, so every moment counts. Ensure that cast members have those moments with Showfection™.  Save time and let Showfection™ schedule all your acts in minutes!

Why Choose Showfection™?

Showfection™ is a scheduling solution for studio owners brought to you by a former dancer. Our founding team understands your issues as a dance instructor because our founding member has lived those same issues. At Showfection™ we understand that administrative tasks involved in the big day, such as scheduling numbers, splitting into acts, and letting the performers know what is going on, get in the way of the most important thing, the dancers!

So at Showfection™ we want to help you focus on bringing the highest quality experience to your next show and not waste time scheduling it! Showfection™ is an easy solution to your scheduling needs, allowing you to enjoy the show!

  • Import your show information in our template spread sheet or import directly from your class management system.

  • Add performance numbers to the show. Add manually or import your list.

  • You can add your classes to Showfection™ manually or make your life easy and just import them from you favorite class management system. We are integrated with Amilia! Split into acts. Decide which numbers are scheduled in each act or let the program chose for you. Or create one continuous performance.

  • Add performers to each number. Add manually or import your list.

  • Generate your performance schedule. Decide how many numbers you want between a performer's time on stage to ensure enough time for costume changes.

Take a look at how easy your next performance could be.

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